Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just Checkin' In

Nothing to tell really, just happened to be on the computer and decided to do a quick blog update.

Same old, same old here. Working in the pub, which is interesting and has its moments. Applying for 'proper' jobs. Limiting the search to Newcastle and Leeds now, as we are really spreading ourselves thin looking throughout the whole of North Yorkshire, Northumberland and beyond. Plus it makes life much easier if we live in or near to a big city. Country living is all well and good, but we have to work in a city for the kind og work that we are looking for. The rural development stuff is thin on the ground.

Anyway, to move into management you have to be in the city. I'm sick of pounding the streets, I want a decent life as well as doing my bit in developing communities. Love don't put food on the table. I do need money too you know. And I'd like a comfortable life at least, rather than scraping by, as I have done all my adult life so far.

Anyway, that's all by the by. Fun stuff we are doing... Setting up Arden Arts, the website is now (almost) finished. I am (when I can get on the computer) still writing. We have going to Spain to look forward to, so no real complaints.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Cyber Arden

Well another day at Arden Arms. Worked all day today, bar in the afternoon and the kitchen tonight. Sam did the opposite!

I've just about got the Arden Arms website up and running now. Just a hitch or two I need to sort out, but it's pretty much there now. Check it out, for what it's worth, at I'm pretty happy with it.

Anyway, it's been a long day, so I'm off for a well deserved beer. Atley Hill here I come!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Longest Day

Yesterday for those who may not know, was the longest day. Which means it just gets colder and darker from here on in. No change there then, as yesterday was a miserable and cold day here on Atley Hill.

We worked (Sam and I) in the afternoon, and went up to Cogden Hall after work. Sam needed to find her driving licence, as the guy from Wheels2Work was supposed to be coming today to sort out the paperwork, so that she could take her CBT test on Sunday.

Anyway, we shot up there, had tea (Chinese takeaway). Chatted with Sam's mum and Mark for a bit and then got into digging through the boxes of stuff we left before we went away, trying to find her driving licence. Mine was lost to time, but I had a dig anyway. No licence, wasn't expected, but I did find all my DVD's that I had packed, and some other bits n bobs. I particular my Spanish phrase book which will be handy when we do get ourselves to Spain.

Today I wasn't working, but Sam is working the night in the kitchen. So I decided to come and answer email, write the blog, job applications, write some more of my book. Whatever takes my fancy really. The job thing is going ploddingly, I would say. I've put in applications, Sam has yet to actually fill any in. There isn't a great amount out there, in the areas we are looking. We'd both prefer International Development work, but that is a no go in the north where we are, and we can't afford to move. A right old Catch 22.

The best way I think for us to go, is to get a development type job based in and around the north of England. Then once we have money behind us in a year or so, then we can move on. Sam will then have working UK development work experience, and I will have moved into management, which is the work I am applying for. So it'll all be good in the end I'm sure.

The gut from Wheels2Work didn;t come today, he had top cancel. So Sam isn't doing her test this Sunday. All delayed for a week. I have yet to get my licence from Swansea, so on rush for me anyway.

The Arden Arms, Atley Hill, South Cowton. Otherwise known as the Arden Commune. Or we like to refer to it simply as, home. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Full Circle

Well we've finally done it. Completed the circle and being back to Hull. It was in many ways a big deal. Seeing the old place after what is going on for almost a year, seeing old friends and hopefully seeing the girls.

The place has changed, Princes Ave has more bars. In fact the increase in bars is about the only major physical change. The friends that haven't moved away themselves were good to meet up with. It was as if we'd not been away in many ways, as we just slipped back into how things were before we left.

It was great to see Mo and Cilla, Steve, Martin, Jase, Ray, Jonny and Jo, Tom, Yan, Kenny, etc... The list goes on, and we managed to fit them all in, and spend a decent length of time with them all. Which was good.

The girls were a slightly different matter. Dee dragged things out until the very end, pathetic really. I wish she'd just grow up and stop playing power games. I have never come across someone who is so up their own arse, that they cannot see the damage they are causing around them. Anyway, that said, the main thing is I did get to see Eve. It would have been goof to see Charlotte as well, but you can't have everything.

It was a little strange at first for us both and she didn't come to me until 5-10 minutes in. But once the we'd got over that it was huge hugs, lots of kisses and 'I missed you' on both sides. Many a tear was shed by us both, but overall it was a wonderful first meetig after being apart for so long.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Behind The Bar Again

Well I've just worked another afternoon shift behind the bar of the Arden Arms. Not much doing, we did about 7 meals, should be more busy tonight. We know that tomorrow will be busy, as we have a party of 15 coming in. It's the first big booking we have had, so it's the test to see if the kitchen can handle it. I'm sure it'll be alright.

It's also Sam's birthday tomorrow. She'll be 29, so not long to 30 now. Ha ha!

Still no joy on getting hold of Dee. I've rang every day, but she hasn't answered her phone yet. I'm guessing that she knows it's me calling, and is refusing to answer. Silly bitch! Oh childish, how pathetic. She truly is the most immature idiot I have had the displeasure to know. Oh well, still going to Hull next weekend. I will find out where she is living, I have ways and means once back on home ground. So her silly games are pointless.

The truth of the matter is. I can't be bothered to play her games. And I have a feeling she'll be such an arse it'll have to go to court. Which just drags things out. At the end of the day I have full legal rights of access to Eve. In fact I don't think the silly cow realises that I have as much rights to Eve as she does. I just don't want it to develop into a war, as the girls will get caught up in the cross-fire, and that just isn't fair to them.

Anyway, that's the way it is. What will be, will be, I suppose.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Country Life

Well another week in the countryside. Huw has come down for a few days to see us all. I'm still looking for 'proper' work, but not to sure where we want to be located still. The transport thing is a major issue. Not driving and living the middle of nowhere. It's a bit of an arse.

Anyway... We are living in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside, in a country pub, with beautiful surroundings, in an English summer. Can't complain too much really.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Settling Back Into Life In The UK (Not)

Well we've been back exactly 3 weeks now. We quickly settled into working for Alex and living at the Arden Arms, which is in the middle of nowhere, but the middle of everywhere at the same time.

So we have a base, from which to start. Looking for work, mainly in the North East at the moment. Seeing as that is where we are living. Although it's a pretty good place to be for development work. The North East is deprived, so there are a lot of projects going on.

It's not ideal though, as I still have itchy feet. I don't particularly want to be trapped back in the UK. It never has suited me livng here, and I don't think it ever will. I have always felt like I should be somewhere else in the world, and now after travelling I feel that all the more. It may do to be here in the short term, until we get established again. A year maybe, but after that we have to look at longterm or even permanent escape.

We plan to go back to Hull for a visit in 2 weeks, to see everyone. The bad news is that Dee has disappeared with the girls. I don't know where she has gone, and so have to track her down. Oh well, back to the reality of living in a country of mean spirited nasty people. It really hurts. I have a daughter out there, and I don't know where she is. All because she has a twisted piece of work for a mother. Life ay, ain't it great?!