Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Christmas Comes And Goes

Well it's Boxing Day night, so that's Christmas over with for another year. We had a great Christmas Day. Had most everyone round, who was around. There were 10 of us, all squeezed into our place. We did the whole Christmas thing. Samantha and Justin had made crackers a couple of weeks ago. We borrowed a small oven from Justin, so we could make roast potatoes. We had the lot, full veg, meat and gravy main, homemade soup starter, even had Christmas pudding. Brian supplied that, he'd been sent it by his parents.

So the day went like any other Christmas. Loads of mates, food and drink and good laughs. I'd downloaded a plethora of alternative and traditional tunes, as a soundtrack to the day. We even did cheese and crackers later. Oh, and we started the day with Bucks Fizz. Brilliant.

We are tired now, it was a long day. But well worth it. Anyway, we've only got 2 more days at work, then we are off again for 5 days. Maybe this time we will do the ski trip. As the last block we just hung-out at home mostly. It was good not to do anything, plus we were both a bit under the weather.

Well on top of all that. Our best Christmas present was being offered the jobs at Suwon University. So in March it maybe Professor Richard and Samantha. We just have some paperwork we have to get together first. If that all goes to plan, then we will be good to go!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Weeks Just Fly By

Nearly Christmas, can't believe it. In fact it will coming up a year since we've been here soon.

It's been work, work and work. Night's out, hanging with friends. Meeting new people, and generally living our life here. We've been to birthday parties and Christmas parties. Mainly waiting until it's our time off. We only get 2, 5 day blocks, but it's better than nothing.

Still trying to work out what we will do next year. So many options, it makes our head hurt. I think we'll think clearer, after we have had time off, and a good rest. This stretch of working has taken its toll. Feeling a little fried at the moment.

Picture Of Jorge And Samantha

It was Jorge's birthday, so he decided that he wanted to do the cruise. We'd talked about doing it since the summer, but just not got round to it.

Picture Of Us On The Han River

It wasn't as cold as we thought it would be. Doing the tourist thing, and taking a Han River cruise.

Picture Of Warren On The Han River

A very cool image, despite Warren getting in the way!

Picture Of Jason Looking Very Pretty

Yes Jason, all very Pebbles Flintstone.

Picture Of... Hmmm! Kebab

What better after a night on the beer? KEBAB!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another One Of Those Quick Catch Up's

I can't believe it's been so long since I last made an entry. Time is really flying at the moment.

Well Ben has gone back to England now. We made him go to the Korean Fold Village, as he'd never been in the year that he'd lived here. So on the last Sunday before he left, Samantha, Brian, Ben and myself went there for the afternoon. It was good to see the various shows that they put on, as we'd missed them last time Samantha and I went there. Afterwards we hooked up with a few people, that wanted to say their final goodbyes. Saturday, was spent in Seoul. We started our Christmas shopping, as we need to send stuff overseas. In fact we managed to get most of it done, which was good.

The week in between at school, was uneventful. Telephone interview, which means a couple of late nights ringing up trying to catch the kids in, and not at some other academy.

Last weekend was Jorge's birthday. Friday we just hung out at ours, and had a 'pizza party'. Few of the guys came round, and a pretty good time was had by all. If a little of the fun was a Warren's expense. But that's just how it goes. He shouldn't have fallen asleep among a bunch of people who'd had a drink and were looking for some laughs.

Jorge had decided that he wanted to do the Han River cruise on the Saturday. So being the birthday boy, he got his wish. Luckily it wasn't that cold and evening, so it was a pleasent trip up the river and back again. Quite a few made it to the cruise, and then we met up with more later, and headed for Itaewon. By the end there was a pretty big gang of us hitting the bars and eateries. As always, we stuck it out until the very last. Well we had to, Jorge was with us and we couldn't let him down. We had to make a proper night of it, and into the next morning, and little into the next afternoon. Hmmm! It was a bit of a long session.

Anyway, Sunday late afternoon was one of the more eventful periods. Mr. Oh rang up and said he wanted to take us for food. Which is unusual. In fact has never happened before. So we knew there was something on the cards. Nothing was said all the way through dinner, just general conversation. Then after, he said he wanted to show us his new school! Now we had suspected that he'd bought another school, since he'd been spending less and less time at ours. Turns out it's a really nice school, one for the more elite of the Suwon area. He was short an English teacher in the morning for kindergarten, and asked if we'd consider filling in. I was the only one of us both available at the time he wanted, so I agreed. He's given me his cycle to use, so it only takes 5 minutes door-to-door. It makes a change, and we'll end up with an extra $100 a week, for what is only 45 minutes a day work.

So there you go, the quick catch-up. Think I managed to get everything in there. Oh, one more thing! They resubmitted our CV's to the university as more people are leaving than they first thought were. So you never know! Fingers crossed again, I think!