Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well That Didn't Happen!

First time I've been back to the blog in a long-time. The India blog didn't happen as you can see, just not the access to the Internet. So that one ended up on paper. As did the Borneo trip later that year, and the Bali trip this summer, and the trip back to the UK.

I don't think this blog will honestly get used, as it should be, again until we have another major trip to multiple countries. Glad to see it's still up though, and apparently that many people are still reading it. It is a good snap-shot of a brilliant time. And I hope it's of use and interest of those who come across it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life In the Slow Lane

Days just slide by one after the other. Goan beach time is one long blur of nothing. Decisions like should I go in the sea, of should I order some food, become the hardest of choices.

James and Tracy arrived last night. So today some of us are suffering a little. Today Mum and Dad arrive, as does Krissy I think. Tomorrow Lara and Samantha's dad and Kath. Then that's everyone.

Already I'm feeling the strain of the partying. Kingfisher beer is lethal when drank in high volume. It's full of all sorts of nastiness. You can do this thing, with a glass of water and a bottle of Kingfisher. Quickly turn the bottle upside down in the glass of water. You will see all the glycerine that's in it come pouring out. It's quite a sight.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They're Here!

At at least he is! That being Jeff. He randomly found us laying on the beach outside our beach huts. The first to arrive of the guests. Next I think is my brother. Then the floodgates open and the other 8 people will trickle in.

Seriously, being looking forward to people arriving. Do the group gathering thing before the wedding.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Go Go Goa!

Well we left Kerela, after a quick tour of the beautiful and tranquil back-waters. A not too bad train journey found us in Goa. First stop Colva, which is pretty shit. Like a badly rundown UK seaside town that time and taste forgot. So a night there was more than enough.

We headed nearer to Benaulim Beach and plonked ourselves at a place called Coco Huts. A basic beach hut/restaurant place on the beach. Good enough for now, but we already want to press on further south (only by 5 minutes), closer to where everyone will be. Samantha has a touch of Delhi Belly, so that move is on hold until she feels up to it.

Well the wedding stuff is all in hand, and The Leela where we are having it, is stunning. It should be for the price. The call it an 'almost' 7 star resort. Whatever that means. Hey if it's good enough for the Clintons, it's good enough for us. Seriously though, it is something else. And will be a memorable backdrop for our wedding.

We are really just waiting now for people to start arriving. Which they will over the next few days. I think most people arrived around the 14th. Although we are waiting on Jeff, as he said he be here in a couple of days, a couple of days ago! Trying to maintain contact is not easy, with so little Internet facilities around. Dare I say, I miss Korea for it's easy Intenet access everywhere.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beach Bum

Beach Bum (n): A condition whereby the sufferer has a white rear-end, when compared to the rest of their tanned body.

Still in Varkala, leaving sometime tomorrow. Trying to arrange a backwater boat trip, but not sure which option to take. We need to be at Cochin station, to get our train to Goa at 10ish at night. There are numerous ways in which we can get there, so we need to balance time, money, and what Samantha wants.

It's been nice just chilling out here for a few days. But I feel ready to move on to the next part of the journey. Goa is now in my sights. Meeting with friends and family. Having a big dinner together, hanging-out together, just doing stuff as a larger group. And obviously the lead-up to the wedding.

We have to meet up with our wedding planner, finalise the arrangements. Then there are dresses and suits to get made, as well as a ring to source. Hell! That's going to take a while, with Samantha being so bloody picky! (joking my love.) But in all seriousness, I am ready now to start getting on with that stuff, don't want a last minute rush, as most things we do usually are.

Like I say, I've enjoyed Varkala. The beach is nice (today we are checking out the black beach), the water is warm, the people friendly. The other tourists and travelers are a good mix of people from all places and all walks of life. So not too much of the hippy-drippy gap-year bullshit, as that is tempered with 50+ Germans on a resort package deal. There do seem to be a lot of Germans here, disproportionate to the other nationalities. Anyway, we'll see what we get in Goa. Probably more package deal people, and more gap-year students traveling on mummy and daddy's credit card.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Incredible India

I was going to post here regularly, but internet in India is patchy at best. We've been here a week now. Did a crazy week touring the north. Agra, Pushkar, Rathambore, Jaipur, Delhi. All good fun, but tiring. So we flew down to the very south, grabbed a train, and now find ourselves in Kerela, Varkala to be exact.

Next Goa! I would post the pages and pages of diary I have... But the sun is shining and the surf is calling.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hong Kong Again!

Second time in Hong Kong in less than a year. Didn't think that would happen. Anyway, just passing through. We have a 3 hour layover before we catch the connecting flight to India. So spending it emailing people, checking facebook, the usually time filling nonesense.

Looking forward to the heat of India. As we left Korea it was freezing and thick with snow. So it will be a major contrast going into that humid Indian heat. Can't wait!