Friday, July 27, 2007


I've not written much on here recently. Not really had the time.

Anyway, just if anyone is passing through this blog check out these links.

Take 2 hours out of your life and watch this movie. You will not regret it.

Oh and...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Picture Of Samantha Being Brave

Samantha on a chair lift over the lake at Seoul Grand Park. (Note the white knuckled grip!)

Picture Of Me With Installation Art

Picture Of Samantha At The Contemporary Art Museum

Picture Of Samantha At The Subway

Wait for the train back home after our day at Seoul Grand Park and the Contemporary Art Museum.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What's Been Going On?

I've been a little lacking in the blog writing department of late. I suppose that's what comes of settling into the day-to-day grind of life. There's not often a great deal to tell. We've been staying at home a lot, saving for our holidays, etc.

We did venture out on Sunday however. Samantha and I decided that we should do something with our weekend, rather than just hanging around where we live. Also, just the two of us to do something rather than in the usual group. Anyway, we went to Seoul Grand Park where the National Museum of Contemporary Art is located. We'd ment to go there before, but didn't make it.

It was easy to get there. There is a subway right at the entrance to the park. We strolled into the park on what was a pleasently warm summer's day, along with hordes of others who'd also had the same idea. Seoul Grand Park is a big place, containing Seoul Land theme park, a big zoo, the museum and mile after mile of parks and gardens.

The museum was the otherside of the lake, so we decided to get the chair lift over the lake to get us there. Samantha (being scared of heights) was very brave, and even enjoyed the ride.

The museum was good, if somewhat small for a national museum. We spent the afternoon wandering around the exhibits, soaking in the culture. Afterwards we caught the 'elephant train' back to the park entrance and headed home. When we arrived back in Suwon we hooked-up with Jorge for BBQ.

Monday was school as usual, but today is a holiday. Another one of those weird Korean mid-week things. No worries, it's a day off so I'm not complaining. We've got an easy week this week anyway, as apart from the extra day off, we don't have to go into school until the afternoon on Thursday as we have no kindergarten to teach that day. It's also the Pop Song Festival that day, so no lessons, we just have to listen to the kids murder classic songs all day.

This weekend is the Mud Festival, a big gang of us are going so it should be fun.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence FROM America

4th of July. Never done anything foir it before, except protest at American airbases and spy stations in the UK. This time though we have American friends, so we 'celebrated' with them.

The guys (Kristin, Jorge and Ben) came round to ours for food and drinks. We'd made Jorge and Kristin tacky bookmarks, 4th of July themed, with the pledge of allegence on the back.

Now it's Thursday, and being the 5th, pay-day. Which means we've got money to pay out. Debts to repay, tickets to Japan and a deposit on our hotel room for the Mud Festival. Looking forward to the Mud Festival, on the weekend of the 21st (I think). There is about 10 of us heading down there for the weekend. It should be a good laugh.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Week, Another Won Earned.

Keeping things quiet at the moment. Saving money for our holiday at the end of the month. We're still planning it, but think that we'll be going to the east coast. There are mountains and beaches there that look pretty good.

Apart from that, we went to Seoul at the weekend. Took Amy to Club Night with all the guys. Met Ben's mate Mike, who's from Darlo. Seems a good bloke. Amy had a great time, but was a little blown away by the whole thing I think. Having never seen anything or been anywhere like that before in her life.

Apart from that on Friday night, we wholed-up in the apartment all weekend. Only really venturing out on Saturday to get a DVD, when we met our neighbour, Dr. Kim. He lives across from us, in a nice big house, which is unusual from Koreans. He's a retired professor from the university, and specialises in Pomology (the study of apples and pears). He and his wife invited us in, so we sat and shared a bottle of apple wine and chatted for a while.

Sunday once again we laid low, and met Ben and Jorge for a drink at Zapi's early evening.

Now back to work... Things to do, lessons to teach, and time off to look forward to.