Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Day In Paradise?!

Well sort of, it's been another day at my parents. We went to the cinema, Sam and I, it's cheapy-cheap Monday!!! Hoorah!!! Went to see some chick-flick about, yawn!

We booked our tickets to Alice Springs finally. We had to go into Darwin town last week and get ourselves YHA cards, so that we could get discount travel to Alice. Anyway we've finally booked them, and we leave on Wednesday morning to the Red Centre!

We'll spend a day in Alice and find a tour to Ularu, or whatever it's called. Ayers Rock, that's what I mean. That'll probably be a 2-3 day trip into the out-back, then back to Alice. Depending on how long we are 'gone walk-about', will depend on what we do to get back. We could take The Ghan (train) again, but the preferred mode of return would be to book a 4x4 tour back to the Top End!

That way we get to travel through the real Oz, good style! Would be very cool, amazing scenary, etc... Would make up for the days of being bored sat here in Darwin. Anyway not that long left here really. By the time we get back from our little trip, it'll be only about 2 weeks before we fly out to Indonesia.

That's one I'm really looking forward to. That should be a fantastic end to the whole trip. Khomodo to see the dragons, climbing active volcanos, and chilling on the beach. What better end to a 9 month holiday???

Oh by the way, the funding bid is done, well the Exec Summary to do is all. The CDEA have been in touch and they still want us back. I've finished the Blue International website, but there is some problem with uploading that I cannot for the life of me work out. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!! I'm well along with my writing, and what started as a short-story is already at novella / novelette length, and I'm still only at the beginning of the story! Think this could be the novel I've been trying to write all these years.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Beach combing down by Buffalo Creek. Posted by Picasa

Sam and Mum on the beach near Buffalo Creek. Posted by Picasa

Mum, Sam and me. I'm the one picking my nose. Posted by Picasa

Mum, Sam and me in a WWII Gun implacement Dad liked. Posted by Picasa

It Was About Time.

That I made an entry on the blog. I can't remember when I last did an entry, and so what has happened since.

We've not been doing any volunteer work, as the Immigration has told us if we do without their permission we'll be deported. So we are sitting on our hands a bit at the moment. I think in the next wekk or so we'll sort out a trip down to Alice and to Ayers Rock. Just not round to it yet.

We have not done anything to write home about really. Been to the cinema, a trip to Buffalo Creek last weekend, and we are supposed to be going to the Casino tonight. Last weekend Sam and I went to the 20th Anniversay of the Darwin Entertainment Centre being opened. Not much happening, so we left and hit the bars in town.

I think the heat does get to you here. Makes you lethargic. Just can't be bothered to do much half the time. I'm still working on the website (not having done much for the past week), it's nearly done. The bid is a slow painful one, but it's more than half way there now. Khampha is doing his bit back in Laos, looking for funding streams to get us back there. I think he wants us to run a project when we do eventually get there, he sent us an email about potential funding for a community based waste management and recycling project. Sam has been looking into that.

Things are moving along, just very slowly. Which isn't all bad. It's okay to not do anything sometimes. I've been writing again. Something I've been meaning to do, and not really done in ages. I've got a short story in progress, that I'm really pleased with. Should have that written in the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure whether it's in the short story or novella category. It's all down to word count! It's going to be a long short story, as I'm over 3000 words in and still only at the beginning.

Anwyay, not much to tell, as not done much. Pictures from Buffalo Creek to publish, or published by the time you read this.