Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Camp

Well back from the UK and right into the crazy world of English Summer Camp. We've been at a week now, and it's been full-on all the way so far.

My class is called the Sky Blue Shooting Stars. The name was democratically decided by the class. In fact all choices have been pretty democratic in the group, which accounts for the randomness of the name, the class flag, the actions for the chant, etc...

These kids live here at the university for 3 weeks, so they can get an intensive blast of English. It's a major operation. Around 270 kids, 18 teachers, each with teaching and general assistants, plus all the other support staff. We've basically taken over most of the huge lecture building at the university.

Well tonight is the chant and song contest. So the kids have been drilled on camp chants, a class chant and song, as well as accompaning dance moves. Some staff take this all too seriously, while others realise it for what it is and don't put the intense pressure on the kids to be winners. There is far too much of that sort of thing in their little lives as it is.

Fun first and foremost is my philosophy. Then again, that's pretty much my philosophy on life in general. And look where that's got me!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Could Keep Uploading Photos But...

I like seeing photos on the blog, but they take so long to upload...

Please just check the albums. Links below!

This Is England: Part 1

This Is England: Part 2


Me At Ye Olde White Hart

Perfect! Hot summer's day in Hull. Sat outside a pub, with a cold beer.

Pub Crawl Round Hull

Not really! But we did go to quite a few pubs that began with Ye Olde!

Mucking About In The Beck

In English countryside really is pretty in the summer.

Reeth ( Swaledale, North Yorkshire)

God's own country!

England: Day... Oh well into it by now!

Not having much chance to access the internet. Not like fully networked Korea. Oh well!

So we've done most of what we planned to do. Seen almost everyone we wanted to see in the Yorkshire region. It's best to check to facebook link, to see the photos and the people, and of course the places we have been.

We spent a lot of time at Samantha's parent's house in Swaledale. Using it as a base. From there we visited Alex and Charlotte at the Arden Arms, went to Hull, and York. So covered a good proportion of Yorkshire.

The next leg is across to the Lake District. To see Samantha's Dad and Kath. Then down to Birmingham on Thursday to hook-up with my brother James. I've not seen him in 8 years, so that should be good. After that we have to fit in our mate from Korea, Rob, in Winchester. Then back to the London area before we fly out.

Still so much to do.