Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Picture Of Polly And Jack

Why his mother gave Polly as an English name we don't know. Jack... Well he is the monster of the school. Into everything, and loves been thrown in the air! "Teacher! One, two, three... GO!"

Picture Of Apple Class

These are Samantha's tiny tots.

Picture Of Ziwi Class

We both have to deal with this bunch of little maniacs.

Picture Of Banana Class

That's my lot! I've really come to love 'em in the time I've been teaching them.

Picture Of Kindergarten

The whole bunch of 'em, little darlings.

Picture Of Samantha With Neil

On our kindergarten outing. Riding the dragon train!

Picture Of 3-4 (SF)

Those crazy boys!

Picture Of Samantha And Sylvia

In the staff room at work.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Not This Time

Well, we didn't get the uni job that we applied for. Although after the weird interview, it's probably a good thing. The place was not what you'd call normal! Anyway, it is what it was! An exercise in being able to get to interview for such positions. At least we know we are in the ball-park, and not totally wasting our time.

We are however looking at a move down south next year. Busan is looking quite attractive. Another big city, but on the south coast. Lot's of nice islands nearby, both Japan and Russia only a short trip away. And it'll be great to be near the sea in summer.

There are plenty of jobs down there. So getting one would not be an issue. Just that we can be picky. If not university, then public school. And not High School, but probably Elementary or at a push Middle School. Sick of belligerent teenagers. They don't want to be there, you don't want to see their pathetic faces. Not conducive to a pleasent working environment.

Monday, November 19, 2007

And Another Weekend Slides By

They are really flying now. Before we know it, it'll be Christmas, then New Year, and then not long before our contract will be up.

We had a fun weekend. The week at work ended with at trip to the fortress in Suwon with kindergarten. Friday night was an odd one. We'd been to Neighbor with Jorge and Jason, and was on our way home quite early for us. We are approached by this Korean guy. Turns out to be the owner the Japanese restaurant we'd been to earlier in the week. So invited us for a drink. Being polite we accepted, and ended up going back to his restaurant. He opened it up for us. We chatted, drank wine and ate oysters. Not bad! Not bad at all!

Anyway, we got to bed in the early hours, but still managed to get it together for Saturday. We hooked up with Kenny and Jorge. Well Jorge had crashed on our sofa. We had all decided that we needed to think about Christmas shopping, as we'll need to send stuff overseas. Another day if Insadong and Itaewon, digging around for suitable Korean presents for family and friends.

After a bit of a long trip home, we arrived back in Suwon. We'd arranged to hook up with Amy, as it was her birthday of Friday. Another night in Neighbor with the guys. Our new friend from upstairs joined us. Unfortunately we've forgot his name. Which is a bit awkward. Anyway, we had a good night drinking and chatting.

Sunday came with both Jorge and Kenny crashing over from Saturday night. We just hung out, didn't do much at all. Kenny eventually went home, and we went out with Jorge. We just hung out locally, grabbed a afternoon beer and some fried chicken. A good end to a good weekend.

Picture Of Us All At Carne Station

What do you get when you put together 20 odd westerners in an all you can eat and drink place? Some serious casualties, very early in the evening!

Picture As We Poured Out Of Carne Station

Full on all you can eat food and drink, we all fell out of Carne Station.

Picture Of Ben And A Rack Of Beer

These things are great. What a brilliant invention. A whole rack of beer delivered to your table.

Picture Of British Hard Men

Yeah! Don't mess or we'll have ya!

Picture Of Kenny And Me At Praha Castle

I loved this place so much, we just had to bring Ben here for his leaving do.

Picture Of Bad Singers

All the fun of a Korean karaoke room. This is the perfect way to end any drunken night.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Interview And Ben's Do

An eventful weekend. Saturday we had an interview at Suwon University. A little strange, as a few of our friends were also there at the same time, waiting to be interviewed. We didn't take too much from the experience. We never expected to get an interview, as we thought that we didn't meet the standards set-out in on the internet advert for the job.

So getting the interview, was enough for us. What comes of it, in a positive way, will be a bonus. At least we now know that we can get to an interview for university, and we know what to expect from it when it comes.

Saturday night was Ben's leaving do. A big gang of us met to catch the 3003, into Gangnam, as we'd booked a table for 16 at Carne Station. In the end I think a good 20+ made it, so it was a bit of a squeeze. We all ate and drank our fill, some more than others. We then hit Praha Castle, where we went for my birthday, and partook of their racks of beer that they do.

By this time some of the gang were starting to fall by the wayside, having indulged too much early on. The last remaining hardcore did the usual Korean thing and hit a karaoke room. I think there was about a dozen or so made it there, although a couple took the opportunity to use it to sleep. How they managed to sleep through Ben's singing I can't imagine. I thought I was bad, but hell! Ben has got to be the worst singer on the face of the planet. Seriously, that is no word of a lie. He's really that bad!

After destroying many a good song, we need food. Early breakfast. Sad to say, but the 24hr Burger King looked really good. After our fill it was homeward bound. We didn't get back to Suwon until about 7.30am. Needless to say Sunday was spent sleeping and relaxing, so we'd be fresh for school today.

Photo's of Ben's do, are on facebook for all to see. Or at least those with a facebook account. I will post some here very soon.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Weekend Already

Last week and this for that matter have been so busy. We did the whole Halloween thing at school on the Wednesday. The night before I'd gone along to the poker school that we've started with a few of the guys.

Wednesday night we went out with Char from DCT's, for shellfish BBQ. She brought along a friend, to act as would be interpreter, for those more confused moments. That was good. We've not eaten a lot of seafood since we've been here, as a lot of our friends don't like it. So the opportunity to try so many different types was great.

Thursday we went to Bennigan'd with Chris, to get a steak fix, and then onto the movies.

Friday we went to Belle's (one of our teacher's), for food. Esgel the new Korean teacher was also there. It was fun just to not only hang-out with them socailly, but to get a look-see at a ordinary Korean home. After that we mat up with the guys at Zapi's, as usual!

Saturday, Samantha and I went to Seoul shopping for winter clothes. Things are starting to get chilly here, so we needed to stock-up on jackets and jumpers. We then went over to Hongdae, as it was Rolph's birthday bash. The whole gang (practically) turned up, and we had a brilliant time chatting, drinking and watching the fire show that staff put on. Justin, Samantha and myself being the hardcore British contigent lasted the longest, and ended up singing and dancing the night away at Go Go's Bar.

We spent the night over in Seoul, crashing at Justin's. After grabbing some late brunch with the man himself, of omelette and rice (a good hang-over cure), we made our way home, and just crashed out. It had been a very long social week!

This week has not been as busy, but has been equally as hectic! A couple of nights out, too many too late! Photo's at school for the kindergarten year book, which should be great when it comes out. All dressed in their graduation gowns, they looked so cute. We have an interview at Suwon University on Saturday day, and we are out in Seoul on Saturday night for Ben's leaving party. So another busy week!